Summer party in Barcelona

Where to find the best parties and cool vibes

Nothing better than come to Spain to enjoy a summer party in Barcelona. Barcelona’s nightlife is possibly one of the best that can exist in the entire world. Summer in this incredible Spanish city is a unique opportunity to have fun. Given its location on the European continent, this city is one of the main vacation destinations. Here you will find, in summer, people from all over the world and an incredible multicultural atmosphere.

This mix of languages and skin tones makes anyone exotic. Therefore, making new relationships with people from other countries is extremely easy. Once you are in Barcelona, you will surely wonder where to go or what to do in summer. You should know that the city offers many things such as:

Beach Clubs Barcelona with pool

If you come to Barcelona, you must go to a beach club. These, the best clubs in Barcelona, are far from those you can find in other coastal cities. These clubs are the epicenter of fun where famous international DJs are born. Multiculturalism makes these nights of debauchery perceived as the best. Starting at dusk and finishing at dawn is what you’ll end up doing.

If you want to know the best clubs, go to a pub crawl Barcelona, where in one night and accompanied by people from all over the world, you will discover the best bars and clubs. Remember your outfit and find out what to wear on pub crawl, indeed clubbing.

beach club barcelona with pools go beach club

rooftop bars barcelona

Few things are as pleasant as enjoying your favorite drink at a rooftop bar. These terraces are designed to prepare people and take them by the hand to the night of partying. They usually open around noon and end early. They are an ideal meeting point to enjoy the sun and good music while you plan which club you will visit at night.

Usually on these terraces there are also swimming pools, which will allow you to cool off. Good music will also accompany the afternoon while you admire the views of the city of Barcelona.

rooftop bars barcelona dagamatravel

pool parties barcelona

The warmth and the people who visit Barcelona make the city an ideal destination for pool parties. The best pool parties take place during the hot summer months. Many hotels, beach clubs and rooftop bars organize these incredible events full of good atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you have exercised all year or not! You will see sculptural bodies come and go to the rhythm of the music in a luxurious environment.

Good quality alcoholic beverages abound here and bottles are ordered by the hundreds. If you plan to attend one, don’t forget to purchase a VIP pass. This will allow you to get discounts and special places where you can dance without being back to back with a stranger.

pool parties barcelona

boat party barcelona

So, imagine stepping onto one of those boat parties in Barcelona. You’ve got the city’s famous landmarks passing by as we cruise away from the harbor. Picture the Sagrada Familia and Montjuïc hill in the distance – it’s a sight you won’t forget. But what really makes these parties epic is the vibe. From the moment we step on board, it’s like the energy just grabs you!. There’s music pumping, people dancing, and laughter filling the air. The DJs? They know how to keep the party going with a mix of beats that’ll have you moving all night long!

And you know what’s awesome? It’s not just about the party – it’s about the connections too. We’ll meet all kinds of cool people from around the world, chatting away, sharing stories, and just having a blast together. It’s like one big, happy family out there doing some water sports Barcelona.!

boat party barcelona

Bar Crawl in Barcelona

Feeling a tad daunted by the plethora of choices? Why not try out a bit of bar-hopping? Picture this: you’ll be whisked away by our team to a selection of top-notch bars and clubs, all for a fixed price per person. It’s not just about the drinks; it’s about the camaraderie and soaking up the local nightlife scene.

Ready to elevate your Sunday night in Barcelona to legendary status? Join us for an unforgettable experience where you’ll mingle with an eclectic mix of international folks. At Pub Crawl Barcelona by E-VOLVE, we’re renowned for throwing the most epic parties every single night. Trust us, we only hit up the crème de la crème of Barcelona’s club scene to ensure an experience that goes above and beyond your wildest expectations.

festivals in barcelona

We are talking about the pinnacle of summer parties where thousands of people dance in unison with the DJ. These musical events are the crown of summer. We’re talking about non-stop 3-day parties where music takes people to other dimensions.

Usually the most famous DJs from around the world are here. You will surely have one of the best times of your life, just remember not to overdo it with the drink. Some great examples of this festivals are:

Sonar barcelona 2024

Without a doubt this is one of the most famous electronic music festivals in the world. What makes it so special is the variety of DJs who attend along with the visual and sound technology it has. Generally, Sónar takes place a few meters from the beach. It illuminates the entire coast with its impressive play of lights and the music makes the sand at your feet vibrate with all its strength. This year the sonar will be held on July 13, 14 and 15 and tickets are almost sold out. If you will be in Barcelona on those dates you already know that you cannot miss this opportunity to attend.

La merce Barcelona 2024

This authentic festival began as a cult to the patron saint of Barcelona. It is not exactly in the peak summer season but it is, possibly, one of the largest parties that take place year after year. The festivities are in the street, where thousands of people dance and drink traditional music. These festivals are more cultural than musical. Here, some days you will find the human towers or Castells. Without a doubt, this festival is one of the most recognized internationally. Spending a couple of days celebrating with the local people, drinking and eating traditional food is an incredible experience.

la merche barcelona summer

What month is good for Barcelona?

The summer party season in Barcelona begins at the end of May and lasts until the beginning of September. The best and most popular festivals are usually in July and August. It is in this season where the warm nights provide the perfect setting for outdoor events and beach parties.

Barcelona’s summer parties are more than just events. They are experiences that you will carry with you all your life. The combination of the Mediterranean climate, impressive nightclubs and a city known for its nightlife and multiculturalism creates an incomparable party atmosphere. It is your opportunity to live new experiences, meet people from all corners of the world and make this one of the best memories you will have in your entire life.

Is Barcelona for partying in summer?

One of the most attractive things about Barcelona is its mix of international styles with traditional styles. The summer festivals in the city mix the most cultural aspects of Spain with an international atmosphere. The great climate and the great offer make Barcelona position itself as one of the favorite summer destinations worldwide. It is for this and much more that you should come and attend a neighborhood party or a techno music festival. Stroll along the beach at night or sunbathe on a terrace. Summer parties are the ideal opportunity to live what you have wanted all year long.

It’s important to remember that the combination of dancing, heat and perhaps a few too many cocktails can take their toll. Always remember to stay hydrated and keep an eye on your friends. This way you can avoid unpleasant situations and be able to get home safely. Remember that what happens in Barcelona, stays in Barcelona.

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